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A Virtual Assistant’s Guide To Managing Your Projects

Jan 10, 2023

Lets Talk The Art Of Execution...

You just set all of your quarterly goals and what you have coming up is going to transform your business and make you the go-to expert.

You’ve just mapped out the launches and projects that are going to up-level your position in your marketplace and grow and scale your business in 2023..

How? Let me spill the 👇

I have the least sexy answer for you…➡️ we’re going to plan all of the details.

The reality is you either have a project manager on your team - or you ARE the project manager.

So ask yourself how often are you taking your CEO hat off completely to step into your role as the Project Manager?

As the CEO of Belco Virtual Solutions a Virtual Assistant Agency that helps course creators create and launch courses in Kajabi and handles anywhere from 10-30 projects at a time I am here to walk you through it.

First I want you to start by listing out your main business buckets

Lead Generation / Sales

  • Marketing
  • Client Management
  • Back-end Business 
  • Team Management

Identify the goal

  • Write down 2-3 goals under each bucket.  Then consider the milestone tasks associated with that goal. Set S.M.A.R.T. goals to help navigate priority and attainability as well as a timeline. 
  • List the tasks under each milestone to reach your goal. Do not overthink this part just brain-dump all of the one-line tasks you can anticipate.

Project Management

  • Set aside time to strictly manage your internal projects. Consider your goals and choose 1-2 goals to focus on first.
    I recommend planning before you start to consume social media, dive into client communication, and work on your to-do list. Essentially you are alienating time when your brain can clearly identify the next steps and concentrate on the plan.
  • MY EXAMPLE: For my Virtual Assistant Agency, I chose Mondays. I shut down my calendar to meetings, close my communication channels, and review all projects sometimes close to 20-25 different projects and strictly do the planning and mapping of tasks for each client with my project manager.

What is the process you might be asking? 👇

Start by listing 1. What you have completed and 2. What are your next 2 steps?

These are your focus for the week. If you are just getting started on a project you “what has been completed” is the planning!

The key is to do this every Monday and Friday! Check-in with YOURSELF here is an easy formula for your check-in:

👉 What have I completed this week?
👉 What is your next step?
👉What do you need to get the next step completed?

Honor the hard work you have done so your brain gets the reward. Identify what you will be doing next (without taking action that is for the week ahead) and what you need to complete it.

Pro tip: if you are stuck on “the next step” of a project I recommend asking for help from a fellow entrepreneur, searching for the answer on google or youtube, asking your team, hiring someone who has the answers...

The Final Steps

Now that you have the format and the plan... It’s time to execute!

Tired of wearing all of the hats? Our Virtual assistants are available to help you manage your projects, organize your tasks, and implement and execute with you every step of the way!

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